Software Processing Tools


Installing the LOFAR Software at external computing facilities

This page will redirect you to build instructions for the LOFAR common software packages.


LOFAR Beam formed / pulsar tools

A GitHub repository of scripts to use for analysis of beam formed / pulsar data.


LOFAR Imaging Software (external packages)

A collection of links of documented data reduction tools developed and maintained by external experienced users.

  • Dysco (a compressing storage manager for Casacore mearement sets)
  • LoSoTo (LOFAR solutions tool)
  • LSM Tool (LOFAR Local Sky Model Tool)
  • PyBDSF (Python Blob Detector and Source Finder)
  • RMextract (extract TEC, vTEC, Earthmagnetic field and Rotation Measures from GPS and WMM data for radio interferometry observations)
  • Sagecal (GPU/MIC accelerated radio interferometric calibration program)
  • WSClean (fast widefield interferometric imager)


LOFAR (Generic) Pipeline Framework

Documentation about how to define a pipeline for the execution with the Generic Pipeline Framework is available here.


LOFAR Imaging Pipelines

Several imaging pipelines are available for processing LOFAR LBA and HBA data.

  • Factor (Facet calibration for LOFAR)
  • Long Baseline Generic Pipeline (a generic pieline implementation of the LOFAR long baseline pipeline reduction) documentation can be found here.
  • prefactor (Pre facet calibration pipeline)
  • Pill (pipeline for LOFAR LBA imaging data reduction - under development)
  • DDFacet (direction dependent calibration software used for the LOTSS survey)


LOFAR User Script Repository

A GitHub repository of 3rd party contributions for LOFAR data processing. 

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