The Square Kilometre Array

What is the Square Kilometre Array?

The Square Kilometre Array (SKA) will be a revolutionary radio telescope made of thousands of receptors linked together across an area the size of a continent. The total collecting area of all the receptors combined will be approximately one square kilometre, making the SKA the largest and most sensitive radio telescope ever built. The SKA will be located in Australia and South Africa.

The biggest part of the SKA dishes that are being built in phase 1, will be in Southern Africa, and will be combined with MeerKAT (a telescope of 7 dishes in the Karoo). The rest of the SKA dishes built in phase 1 will be added to the existing ASKAP-telescope in Australia.

All dishes and mid-frequency antennas built in phase 2, will come in South Africa. The low frequency antennas for phase 1 and phase 2 will be built in Australia. In 2016, building of the SKA will commence; the telescope will be completely ready by 2024.


ASTRON SKA Project Office

The ASTRON SKA Programme Office (ASPO) promotes the international SKA project in the context of different ongoing national and international initiatives. The ASPO is also the point of contact for the SKA in the Netherlands in relation to industrial and commercial parties, and informs them about possibilities in which they can contribute and from which they can profit. ASPO does this by for example organizing industry network events.

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Artists impression of dense aperture arrays for the SKA. Credits: SPDO. Click on the image for a higher resolution version.

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