Helena Kluyver Female Visitor Programme

ASTRON and JIVE offer a visitor programme for women working in the fields of astronomy and engineering research & development. The Helena Kluyver programme aims to attract women with a proven track record to visit ASTRON and JIVE. It is part of our commitment to equal opportunities and to encourage women to seek opportunities within a fundamental and applied research environment.

As part of this programme, a limited number of grants is available to support visits by women to ASTRON/JIVE so that they can study and work in relevant fields of research in Dwingeloo. It is intended that the selected visitors contribute to the vibrant working environment in Dwingeloo during their stay by working on a shared research or development project wit their collaborators, giving presentations, submitting an ASTRON/JIVE Daily Image and participating in other outreach activities.

The duration of the visits can range from a few weeks up to three months. The programme provides financial support for accommodation, travel expenses and limited local subsistence expenses, but no salary. Visitors will be provided with full office facilities during their visit.  

The name of the programme was chosen with the kind help of Prof. Hugo van Woerden. Helena Kluyver was one of the first women to actively work as an astronomer in The Netherlands.

If you have any questions about the programme, you can send an email to helenakluyver [at] astron [dot] nl (helenakluyverATastron.nl)

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If you have any additional questions after reading the information on these pages, please contact the programme coordinator at helenakluyver [at] astron [dot] nl (helenakluyverATastron.nl).


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