Information for Helena Kluyver Visitors to ASTRON/JIVE

This document is intended to give relevant information about the support and facilities from ASTRON/JIVE for visitors in the framework of the Helena Kluyver programme.

Financial support
The Helena Kluyver visitor will be reimbursed for one return trip between the visitor's home institution and ASTRON/JIVE. ASTRON/JIVE will contribute to costs for lodging and other subsistence expenses. In general only documented costs can be reimbursed. The grant is not intended to pay a salary.

Travelling to the Netherlands
In many cases citizens of non-EU countries must hold a valid visa to enter the country. For more information about visa please contact the personnel department: before you plan your visit.

Depending on length of stay and space the Helena Kluyver visitor can stay in the guesthouse next to the institute or in a hotel or apartment near to the institute. Local transportation can be provided in the form of a bike.

Helena Kluyver visitors will be contacted by the programme coordinator who will establish the length of the visit and define approximate dates. ASTRON/JIVE’s host division will provide secretarial support to Helena Kluyver visitors. During the visit, the main point of contact is the local collaborator.

The visitor will have office space, will receive a temporary computer account and will have access to telephone facilities during work. Terminals and disk space are available, but it is also possible to bring a laptop. If you have specific requirements for your computing needs, please state this clearly in your research proposal.
Health Insurance
ASTRON/JIVE in principle does not provide health insurance for Helena Kluyver visitors. EU citizens can ask their health insurance to provide them with an EU health insurance card.

At the end of a visit under the Helena Kluyver programme, the visitor will be expected to give a presentation within the host institute about the research or project that she has been working on during her stay, and to submit an ASTRON/JIVE Daily Image. When publishing work to which the visit will have contributed, or for which any ASTRON/JIVE resources have been used, due acknowledgment should be given to ASTRON/JIVE. We also ask you to send copies of such papers to the Helena Kluyver programme coordinator.


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