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Pictures Dwingeloo telescope

The Dwingeloo Telescope in 360 degrees. © ANP, Arthur van den Enk.
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ANP360 Dwingeloo Telescope ANP360 Dwingeloo Telescope
Credits for the three photos on the right: Vincent van den Hoven


Pictures Westerbork telescope





Pictures LOFAR

Aerial photos of the LOFAR area, taken on 23 May 2010. © Top-Foto, Assen.


LOFAR station near the central LOFAR area.

The 'superterp' on which six LOFAR stations are housed.

LOFAR station near the central LOFAR area. The 'superterp' on which six LOFAR stations are housed.  


LOFAR antennas
A LOFAR station with the Low Band Antennas in the inset. © Top-Foto, Assen
Low Band Antenna's (LBA's) of LOFAR.  
Black casings in which the High Band Antenna's of LOFAR are housed.  
Deer near the LOFAR antennas

The inside of the black casings on the field: High Band Antenna's. © Nout Steenkamp

LOFAR High Band Antenna tiles 

Black casing in which the High Band Antenna's of LOFAR are housed. © Hans Hordijk

LOFAR Low Band Antenna, copyright Hans Hordijk 

LOFAR Low Band Antennas. © Hans Hordijk

Locations of the International LOFAR Telescope (ILT). © ASTRON



 International LOFAR stations
LOFAR UK Chilbolton

The LOFAR station at Chilbolton in the United Kingdom.
LOFAR SE Chalmers

The LOFAR station to be built at Onsala Space Observatory, Sweden.
Credit: Onsala Space Observatory/Västkustflyg


The LOFAR station at Nançay in France.
Credit: I. Thomas, Observatoire de Nançay.

LOFAR DE Effelsberg

The LOFAR station in Effelsberg, Germany
LOFAR DE Garching

The LOFAR station in Garching, Germany
LOFAR DE Juelich

A LOFAR station will be built in Jülich, Germany.
Credit: Google.
LOFAR DE Potsdam

A LOFAR station will be built in Potsdam, Germany.
Credit: Google.
LOFAR DE Tautenburg

The LOFAR station in Tautenburg, Germany


Pictures Square Kilometre Array

dense array overview Aperture Arrays for the Square Kilometre Array, credits: SPO/Swinburne Astronomy Productions.

More high resolution images are available on the SKA website.




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