Past Events


25-29 March: The New Era of Multi-Messenger Astrophysics



17-21 September: 5th LOFAR data processing school
13 September: Apertif opening
4-6 September: 48th Young European Radio Astronomers Conference
29-31 August: 2nd HI Absorption workshop
11-14 June: cursus Toegepaste RF-techniek
24 May: SKA NL Science Meeting
23-24 April: ASTRON Hackathon
26-28 March: Energetics and Life-Cycles of Radio sources 
26-28 March: AENEAS H2020 all-hands project meeting, Nice, France



27-29 November: Cursus Toegepaste RF Techniek
16-20 October: European Radio Interferometry School 2017
8 October: ASTRON JIVE Open dag 2017
6-7 July: Wim Brouw symposium
19-23 June: Conference: The Broad Impact of Low Frequency Observing
19-21 June: Cursus Toegepaste RF-techniek
14-16 June: HI absorption workshop
8-9 June: SKA AIP Meeting
18-19 May: Dome Symposium
13 April: SKA NL Science Meeting
6-7 April: ILT Technical Operations meeting



17 November: Dome Seminar Design for Testability
7-9 November: Cursus Toegepaste RF Techniek
13 October: 4th National eScience Symposium
5-9 September: 4th LOFAR data processing school
26 June - 1 July: SPIE Astronomical Telescopes + Instrumentation 2016
10 June: EUNL2016 - The connecting strength of Big Science Projects
13 April: Second Dome Colloquium
4-7 April: 3rd LOFAR Users Meeting & LOFAR Community Science Workshop
15-16 March: National SETI meeting
7-9 March: 3rd MIDPREP and AAMID Workshop 
12-14 April: 
Dome Face to Face Meeting 
25-29 April: 
Hannover Messe 2016



16-18 November: Cursus Toegepaste RF Techniek
4 Oktober: Open dag ASTRON/ JIVE Dwingeloo 12.00-17.00
17 September: First Dome colloquium
31 August - 4 September: Life-cycle of gas in galaxies: A Local Perspective
29 June-3 July: SDP face-to-face meeting
16-17 June: Seminar: Quality in Electronic Design and Manufacturing
4-5 June: LOFAR's Multifrequency Snapshot Sky Survey Workshop
1-3 June: 2nd LOFAR Users Meeting & LOFAR Community Science Workshop
26-27 May: ASTERICS kick-off meeting
20-22 May: 70th Netherlands Astronomy Conference (NAC 2015)
26 March: Users Platform meeting Microserver
25-27 March:Dome Face-to-Face meeting
23-25 March: Cursus Toegepaste RF Techniek
2-3 February:Discovering the Sky at the Longest Wavelengths



26 November: 2nd NLAP Workshop, TU Delft
19-20 November: Bits&Chips Smart Systems 2014
17-21 November: 3rd LOFAR Data Processing School
3-5 November: Cursus Toegepaste RF Techniek
29 Oktober: DOME Open Users Platform Event
3 July: The ASTRON & IBM Center for Exascale Technology presents: The DOME Premiere, introducing the High-Performance Microserver
7-11 April: LOFAR Science week, Amsterdam
7-11 April: ASTRON at the Hannover Messe, the most important industry venue in the world. This year, the Netherlands is partner country of the Hannover Messe.
4 April: Mini-symposium for Prof. Joseph Taylor: from its roots to the future of Dutch radio astronomy
31 March - 2 April: MIDPREP workshop & AAMID consortium meeting
24-26 March: Cursus Toegepaste RF Techniek
17-19 March: 7th PHISCC workshop, Dwingeloo
22 February: MFAA Workshop, Stellenbosch
16 January: NL SKA Industry Meeting


3-5 December: AADC Consortium Meeting
19-20 November: First NLAP Organizational and Technical meeting
4-7 November: The Radio Universe @ Ger’s (wave)-length
4-6 November: Cursus Toegepaste RF Techniek
7-11 October: NOVA Fall school
5 October: Open dag: Ontdek de schatkamers van het onzichtbare heelal!
9-13 September: European Radio Interferometry School
25 July-25 August: The LOFAR Expedition, a theater production by the PeerGroup
29 may: Symposium "Reinventing Radio-Astronomy: Technologies that made a Difference"
24-25 April: NOVA Optisch/ Infraroodgroep op Fotonica-evenement
15-17 April: Cursus Toegepaste RF-techniek
3-5 April: Probing Big Data for Answers, ASTRON at the Target Conference in Groningen. One of the keynote speakers: Dr. Marco de Vos, Managing Director, ASTRON. Click here for the other keynote speakers and the programme of the event.
8-12 April: ASTRON at the Hannover Messe. Visit us at the Holland High Tech House! Click here to obtain a free entry ticket from ASTRON for the Hannover Messe.
19-20 March: LOFAR Collaboration Science workshop (Dalfsen II)
6-10 January: ASTRON booth 435,437 at the 221st meeting of the American Astronomical Society (AAS), Long Beach, California (US).



5-7 November: Cursus Toegepaste RF-techniek
28 October - 2 November: ASTRON (booth #614) @ the European Microwave Week
17 October: launch of the ASTRON & IBM Center for Exascale Technology
7 oktober: Ontdek alles over ons zonnestelsel op het Melkwegpad!
20-31 August: ASTRON at the IAU XXVIII General Assembly in Peking, China 
12-13 July: AA Calibration and Calibratability Meeting, Novotel Amsterdam Airport Hotel
1-6 July: ASTRON at the SPIE Astronomical Instrumentation 2012 at the Amsterdam RAI
15 June: Janfest (mini-symposium), ASTRON Dwingeloo
12 May: EU Kijkdag @ ASTRON
23-27 April: ASTRON at the Hannover Messe 2012
17-18 April: ASTRON bij de Bedrijven Contact Dagen Drenthe
16-18 April: Cursus toegepaste RF techniek.
27-28 maart: NOVA Optisch/ Infraroodgroep bij ASTRON op Fotonica Event.
27 May 2011 - 23 January 2012: Exposition "Beyond the Stars: Reis naar de oneindige Ruimte". University museum in Groningen.
8-12 January 2012: First Science with LOFAR at the meeting of the American Astronomical Society. The  ASTRON booth is located at nr. 116-118.



12-16 December: Taking the AA programme into SKA Pre-Construction in Dwingeloo.
30 november: ASTRON presenteert innovatieve technologie op het 8e netwerkcongres van Sensor Universe
7-9 November: Cursus Toegepaste RF-techniek
18-30 September: Second Workshop on 3rd Generation Calibration in Radio Astronomy in Portugal
14-15 September: Workshop: First Science with LOFAR in Dalfsen
23-27 May 2011: Conference: Understanding Galactic and extragalactic foregrounds
16-18 May 2011: Cursus Toegepaste RF Techniek
29-30 Mar 2011: ASTRON-NOVA booth at Photonics Event 2011
16 Mar 2011: Micro - Nano technology for space
1 Feb 2011: Deadline for applications for the  ASTRON/JIVE Summer Student Programme  2011
9-13 Jan 2011: ASTRON @ booth 110 @ 217th AAS Meeting in Seattle, WA, USA



1-3 November: Cursus Toegepaste RF Techniek
Zondag 24 October: Open day ASTRON & JIVE
22 October: Mini-symposium to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the WSRT
11-15 October: LOFAR Data Processing School
9-16 June: International SKA Forum 2010
19-20 April: LOFAR Magnetism Key Science Project meeting
12-14 April: Cursus toegepaste RF-techniek
29-31 March: RFI Mitigation Workshop, Groningen (NL)
30 March: Fotonica evenement, Nieuwegein
16 March: Seminar:  Op zoek naar de juiste golflengte - praktische invulling van de R&TTE richtlijn, Dwingeloo
26-28 January 2010: SPIE Photonics West 2010



2-3 December: ASTRON at the Precision Fair 2009, Veldhoven
23-27 November: Powerful Radio Galaxies: Triggering and Feedback
25 November: SKA NL Informatiedag
25 October: Sterrendag Dwingeloo 2009
1-2 October: Stromfest,  ASTRON Dwingeloo
2009: International Year of Astronomy 2009

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