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ASTRON: Westerbork Address
Oude Hoogeveensedijk 4 Schattenberg 1
7991 PD Dwingeloo 9433 TA Zwiggelte
The Netherlands The Netherlands
Tel: Tel:
(+31) (0)521 595 100 (+31) (0)521 595 100
Fax: Fax:
(+31) (0)521 595 101 (+31) (0)521 595 101

Route descriptions

Route descriptions can be found here.
Information and regulations for the Westerbork Telescope area can be found here.

E-mail addresses

ASTRON e-mail addresses consist of a person's last name followed by (omit prepositions such as 'de', 'van', 'bij' etc.).

PR & Communication

E-mail: pr [at] astron [dot] nl.

Tel. 0521 595 100

ASTRON has a directorate and is divided into four main departments:

Dept. Head  Secretary 
Science director and Director General jackson [at] astron [dot] nl (Prof. Carole Jackson) steenbergen [at] astron [dot] nl (Anneke Steenbergen)
Managing Director and Dpt. Director General devos [at] astron [dot] nl (Dr. Marco de Vos) managementassistant [at] astron [dot] nl (Truus van den Brink)
Astronomy Group wise [at] astron [dot] nl (Dr. Michael Wise) secretaryastronomy [at] astron [dot] nl (Marjan Tibbe) and secretaryastronomy [at] astron [dot] nl (Liesbet Elpenhof)
General Affairs devos [at] astron [dot] nl (Dr. Marco de Vos) secretaryaz [at] astron [dot] nl (Ina Lenten)
Radio Observatory jense [at] astron [dot] nl ( Dr. Hans Jense) secretaryobservatory [at] astron [dot] nl (Marleen Rohmensen)
R & D Laboratory attema [at] astron [dot] nl (Drs. Roelien Attema) secretaryrd [at] astron [dot] nl (Secretary R&D)


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